Your Own Reasons … The One Thing You Will Always Have

8 09 2017

“Juiced by That! … my daughter’s summer rallying cry.

The other day as I was stopped at a red light, I watched as a young man, trimming the grass around the concrete light post, missed half of it and continued on. My first thought … how could he just do that? Leave half the grass he was being paid to trim? And not because he wasn’t excelling at his job, because, how could he work like that? Where is the satisfaction, the good feelings you get from looking at the finished product? And my second thought .., what must he be thinking of, what must he be feeling … “who cares, so what, why bother?” That must be exhausting. Spending the whole day not giving a ___.

Where do you get  your pizzazz, that inner juice that has you feel like your energy and effort matters? Today when I hear people say, “whatever…” it gets me, and I get it. It gets me because it matters that people care. I don’t care about what you care about. Care about something. Resignation is costly.

What are you Excited about NOW?

Summer is coming to an end. Did you get your fill of fun, relaxation, patio drinks and long walks? Are you ready to focus, dive in and make things happen? For many people September signifies the beginning of a new season and a time of hard work and getting back to the grind. For me this is true. It’s been a hot summer in Calgary and I had more free time to enjoy it. Still, I need to push myself and get back in the game.

Do you need a September Re-Boot?

I know I do. There are so many reasons not to care. There are so many things that need fixed. It can be overwhelming. Listening to the news about Texas, and Florida reminds me again that people are resilient and that we can rise to any challenge. Luckily for many of us now, that challenge is just to refocus, find our own reasons and show up and do some good work

“Juiced by That” 5 keys to Rekindle Your Inner Mojo

“Juiced by that” is a phrase I picked up from my daughter who spent the summer selling car wax to make money for school. Great lessons here from FastWax Canada. Teamwork. Fun. Grit. Perseverance and Constant Recovery.  I could go on. For sure they have mastered the art of finding your inner Mojo. All day long. “Juiced by that” was her company and team rallying cry. How do you get your mojo going and really show up? Here are my thoughts:

1. Invest Without Being Attached to An Outcome
 We are now at a time in history, where we need examples. We long to see people doing the right thing, not because of politics, rewards, or to stoke their own ego, but because it serves the greater good for all. It requires real courage. We get to witness this in a crisis. Floods and fires often bring out the best in people. Think of the possibilities if we were constantly guided by a simple powerful question, “What is needed now?” and did that. As the challenges continue, it is easy to wonder what difference our caring and energy will make. But it’s the only thing that ever has made a difference. It’s the coolest thing ever, seeing people who care. Even cooler – being someone who cares.
2. Stoke Your Enthusiasm
Everybody’s life is either a warning or an example. You’ve got to decide what you are going to be. Benjamin Franklin started and ended his day with the same question: “What good will you do today?” and “What good did I do today?” Not too complicated. If you think you are supposed to change the world, or even your friends, family or work team … that’s too much. What if the real challenge is just this: Did I bring the best version of myself today? Micro actions make you feel better. Like getting all that grass.
 3. Care About What You Care About
I keep learning from my girls. Madison figured out a lot this summer. She laughingly called what she did, “Another day of selling personality.” Selling was the by-product of connecting with people. Being interested in people, their dogs, their babies, and how their day was going, created a connection that made selling some wax possible. Why? People matter. When was the last time someone made you feel like you matter, or don’t matter? Think about what happens next.
What are your reasons? When you get right down to it, what matters? Let that inform your day.
4. A Call to In-Action.
What gets us through, what stokes our energy is the promise of a good break, and a chance to refuel. The end of summer is hard. If you have come to the end of summer and are now feeling post summer anxiety, don’t tell yourself it’s all over and it’s back to the grind with no breaks in sight. There are good times ahead. Decide to take back your time. Pay attention. Commit to some simple shifts that will provide needed peace and ease. Certain brief experiences can jolt us, and elevate us and change us. Make room for them. Take one weekday off a month. Go on a road trip, sit at home and read a book, or indulge in a spa day. Use your vacation days. Sit on a bench on your lunch hour. Go for a stroll. Get outside. Use your lunch hours.Choose to enjoy a sunrise. Go to your favourite viewing spot and watch the sunset. Start a photo journal to capture a moment a day. Take in the beauty of fall. Use your time. It’s all in the moments.
5. Commit to Fun Every Day. Seriously.
Trade your life’s expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly. It’s not all roaring laughter, but real joy can be felt regularly if you are open to it. Go through your day with a flexible mindset and look for the opportunities for fun. A simple question, asked often, can make all the difference – “What if this was fun?” C’mon. We all need more lightness. There are fun times ahead. Juiced by that!